Fun news!

18 Mar

1.  I’ve missed blogging.  There have been a lot of reasons for my absence but I promise that I will be getting back into the swing of things ASAP!  Which brings me to my next point…

2.  I have been in the process of moving to self-hosted (obviously with some help!) for a little while and tonight is the night!  On that note, please be aware that there may be an outage on HLHW over the next 12-24 hours so don’t worry – I’ll be back!

3.  Also, I am not sure how this move will affect my followers so keep in mind if you still want to follow my posts (& I hope you do!) to re-follow once the new site goes live!  Thanks in advance 🙂

4.  I ran the NYC Half Marathon yesterday and it was awesome!  I am working on the recap right now and it will be posted as soon as the move is complete!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday – but if not, it’s almost over 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Today will be our 5th Valentine’s Day together!

For our first Valentine’s, I cooked BLC dinner in my tiny San Diego studio apartment (minestrone soup & cheesecake) and then we went to see Jumper in IMAX.

In honor of our first Valentine’s Day together, we are going to get Dip Soba soup at this ahhhhhmazing place in the Lower East Side (full review to come!) & then we are going to see Side Effects in Union Square.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


& a Happy Valentine’s Day from Freck!

The Weekly Chase – Week of February 11

12 Feb

Goodness gracious – I have been MIA.  I do have a fun surprise coming up – which can account for a portion of my absence!

But for now – the Weekly Chase!


So.  First things first.  Last week’s recap:

1.  Drink more water – at least 80 ounces per day.  Still having some difficulty with this at work.  Didn’t really meet this goal this week.

2.  Plank a day.  4/7 days.  Need to work on this one, too.

3.  Get in at least two AM runs this week – not including my LR on Saturday.  Got one AM run in…and didn’t even run this Saturday – with 2 feet of snow, it would have been pretty impossible.  I need a treadmill (but first I would need somewhere to put it in our little Brooklyn apartment).

4.  Finish the Empire State Building Run-up strong.  BAM! Recap coming!  (Spoiler Alert – I made it to the top!)

Not the most productive week ever.  On to the next…

My Weekly Chase – February 11

1.  Keep working on drinking water consistently throughout the day.

2.  Get in at least 3 runs this week.

3.  Floss every night.

4.  Plank a day.

What are your goals for the week?!

The Weekly Chase – Week of February 4 & New Year, New Gear!

4 Feb

Normally I don’t like to write about work on the blog, and this post is no exception.  I will say that the past two weeks have been mentally difficult.  But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…right?!

I’m feeling much more myself this week and I’m ready to make some weekly goals!


Let’s recap my last Weekly Chase (2 weeks ago…eek):

1.  Drink more water during the day while at work. (Not great – I am not great at thinking about water intake when I am running around like a lunatic all day)

2.  10 push-ups a day.  (Not everyday but more days than not)

3.  Read two magazines this week and at least 15 minutes of reading my book per day.  (I was able to read on my way to and from work every day so I definitely got through 2 magazines and I’ve been reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)

4.  Go to The Running Company to get a running analysis and buy new running shoes!  (Yup.  So excited.)

5.  Follow my training schedule as closely as possible:

Monday – Squats, lunges and crunches. (Yes.)
Tuesday – 3m in the AM. (Yes.)
Wednesday – Bikram Yoga. (Work till late so I missed this class…)
Thursday – 4m speedwork in the AM & Power Yoga in the PM. (Power Yoga – Yes; Speedwork – No.)
Friday – Rest. (Yes.)
Saturday – 6m LR in the AM & Booty Ballet class at 1PM. (LR – Yes; Booty Ballet – No.)
Sunday – Walk with Freckles. (Yes!)

Could have been worse – could have been better.  But this week is a new week!  So here are my new weekly goals:

1.  Drink more water – at least 80 ounces per day.

2.  Plank a day.

3.  Get in at least two AM runs this week – not including my LR on Saturday.

4.  Finish the Empire State Building Run-up strong.

Completely doable!  I’ll let you know how I do next week!

One last thing before I head off to watch another Homeland marathon with BLC (it is freaking addicting!) I wanted to tell you about a fitness gear exchange that I signed up for in the beginning of January –


Apples and Arteries is hosting a fitness gear exchange where you get paired up with another fitness enthusiast and send them some new gear – & who doesn’t love getting new gear?

I got to send a package to Lora at Crazy Running Girl which was great because I have been reading her blog for so long that I feel like I know her pretty well!  (She runs, is a fellow Brooklynite and her blog is super entertaining)  Head over to Crazy Running Girl to see what I sent her!

Dena from 40 Fit in the Mitt sent me an awesome package!


A new running shirt!  I’m partial to pink (duh) but I love this color!  It is bright and something different than I would normally buy.  The material is soft and the fit is not too tight, not too loose.  & one more big, important perk…

Thumbholessssss!  (please don’t mind my chipping manicure…at least the colors are pretty)


Dena sent me a cute handwritten card in my package.  Thanks again, Dena!  (Dena is a sweetheart – and has the cutest pups EVER!  Head over to her blog and show her some love!)

Brooks Convert

2 Feb

So I did something today that I have been meaning to do for quite some time.

I went to the Running Company and got a running analysis. & left with brand spankin’ new running shoes. & I’m already obsessed.

Running analysis: I found out that I land on my heel (#truth) and very, very slightly overpronate (not enough where a stability shoe is necessary).

I tried on about 6-7 pairs of running shoes and only one pair really stood out.

Are you dying to find out which ones I picked?


They really glow like this…in my head.


Brooks PureCadence 2. Aren’t they pretty? Obsessed. #runhappy

I will be slowly phasing out my Mizunos because the PureCadence are slightly lower profile than my old running shoes. I will keep you all updated on how that goes. But I am super optimistic 🙂

& I obviously couldn’t leave a running store without some other running related item…


So I bought the Natural Hydration Nuun in Goji Berry Green Tea to try out. Verdict – super flavorful & delicious. (BTW – stay tuned for a Nuun giveaway in the next week or so! Love me some Nuun!)

An Ode to Freckles

1 Feb

I know I’ve been missing in action after the past two weeks & I totally owe you all an explanation. That will come in another post.

Because today is a VERY special day!


It is my little Freckles 2nd birthday! I can’t believe she has only been our lives for 2 years – I cannot imagine life without her.

In honor of her birthday, I thought I would write up a post all about FRECKLES.

She is a very complex creature.

For a little background, we adopted Freckles from a shelter in May 2011. She had been found with 2 other puppies in a ditch in Tijuana when she was about 3 months old.  She had obviously been abused because she was very skittish and had numerous gashes on her body.

BLC had gone to the shelter while I was at work to look at Freckles (at the time, her name was Emily) and her sister. Freckles’ sister was brown and white and quite a bit smaller than Freck. BLC initially wanted me to meet her sister.

By the time I was able to come back to the shelter with BLC (the next day), Freckles’ sister had already been adopted. We decided to keep an open mind and check out all of the other puppies. The woman who ran the shelter opened the giant crate that held about 15 dogs and they all ran out…except one.  One puppy hid in the back corner of the crate, shaking like a leaf. The woman had to physically go into the crate to pull this scared little puppy out.

That little puppy was Freckles.

The woman brought Freckles over to BLC and me so we could play with her a little bit.  As soon as I tried to pet her, she immediately rolled over on to her back, exposing her stomach (an act that indicates submission).  BLC and I pet her for a little while when the woman who ran the shelter told us she wanted to show us some other puppies.  When we followed her, Freckles followed us.  Every where we went, Freckles was not far behind.  Finally, I just told the woman that we wanted to take Freckles home for a trial period.  (Spoiler alert:  Trial period not necessary)

first picture

When we walked up to the front of the shelter (which was actually this woman’s home where she took in dogs that shelters in the area did not have room for – she was an amazing woman), there was a coy pond that was covered in a thick foam.  The pond almost looked solid.  I followed BLC past the pond to fill out the paperwork for Freckles and all of a sudden I heard a splash!  When I looked back, I saw little Freckles doggy paddling frantically in the coy pond.  BLC ran over, pulled her out of the pond and tried to calm her down.  (He always said he wanted a water dog :))  We got some towels and wrapped the shivering little puppy up.  I held her in my arms the whole ride back to our apartment in San Diego – about a 40 minute drive – and she just slept in my lap.

It was love.  & it has been ever since.  While Freckles definitely has her quirks, I love every single one of them.  & on that note, here are a few things you should know about my best little furry friend.

10 Random Freckles’ Facts:

1.  She has a strong aversion to sombreros and other large hats.  Barks at anyone who has one on.  & she does not bark EVER.


2.  She likes to be warm.


3.  Sticks are her favorite.


4.  She has very bad posture.


5.  She likes to stretch her super long legs while she is sleeping (sorry for the picture, BLC – I love you!). 


6.  She loves her daddy. 


7.  If there is laundry, she will lay on it.  Clean or dirty. 


8.  She gets very excited when she sees dogs on the TV.  (& wolves.  She went nuts when Twilight was on.)

9.  Her greatest goal in life is to play with my parent’s cat.  I have a feeling she will not meet her goal.  The cat is not a fan.


10.  She has modeling experience.  (She was actually in a flyer that was reproduced for distribution in every PETCO in the country.)

riding in the car

Bonus – She loves riding in the car.  She drove with BLC and I across the country last year & she could not have been happier. 

Freckles is the sweetest little animal and I am obsessed with her.  As if you couldn’t tell…

Happy Second Birthday, Freck!  We love you!  Here’s to many more years of dog parks, cuddling and road trips 🙂

Do you have a dog?  If so, what are some of their quirks?!

Healthy Living on the Cheap Spotlight #10

17 Jan


Time for another featured blogger in my Healthy Living on the Cheap series!

I thought up this series because BLC & I have decided to try to be a bit more responsible with our money but still wanted to maintain our healthy lifestyles. While I have some knowledge of how to workout & eat for cheap – I definitely don’t have all the answers!

So I asked my fellow Sweat Pink & Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors for some help. & lemme tell you, they are turning out to be a wealth of knowledge!

I knew that if their tips would help me, they will probably help you, too! & that’s how this series was born! If you are interested in being featured on my Healthy Living on the Cheap series, please email me at!

So without further ado….Meet Heather from RunStylish!

Healthy Living on the Cheap Spotlight #10


I am a wife, mother of two girls, a runner since age 9 and a woman who believes in keeping your sense of style. My blog topics include running, the Boston Marathon, running injuries, tons of product reviews, travel, being a momma and I recently started a recipe section I call Eats. A healthy, active lifestyle and setting a great example for my girls are my priorities.

I really love working on my blog. I hope you take a look and enjoy!

1. What is your favorite budget-friendly meal?

My favorite meal is an old classic, soup and salad. I love soups because they are healthy and easy to make. Not to mention the left-overs make a perfect lunch or two. My hubby is a carnivore and I’m a vegetarian, so I’ll add in a protein like pork chop or chicken to his dinner.

My favorite special meal at home currently is spicy shrimp fried rice . It is absolutely delicious. It takes a little while to make, but it totally worth the wait.

2.  What is your best suggestion for working out on the cheap?

My best suggestion for a great cardio workout would be to take up running. All you need is shoes and the appropriate clothing. You can supplement your running with simple core exercises and stretching can be done freely and at home. All they require is self motivation, not a big budget.

3.  What is your favorite budget-friendly way to relax?

I have two small kids so in addition to being on a budget, we are home more. During the summer our favorite way to relax is to make dinner on our grill, eat outside and then have a glass of wine while we we watch the girls run around in our garden.

4.  How often do you eat out?

I love a great date night with my hubby, and that happens about once a month. We eat out as a family about two times a month. This includes everything from breakfast to dinner. It’s more relaxing to eat at home if you have kids. In our opinion.

5.  If you have a favorite restaurant/fast food joint, what is your go-to meal that is healthy and (relatively) inexpensive?

This question took me a minute to figure out. We don’t eat out that often so when we do I’m not sure healthy is high on our priority list. That being said, when we go out to dinner with our kids to a brewery or similar establishment, I almost always pick the grilled fish or shrimp tacos.

6.  What is your best suggestion for socializing without breaking the bank?

If you are a stay at home mom I suggest grabbing some simple snacks and heading to the park to meet up with your friends and their kids. Each mom brings snacks for kids, kites, balls or other toys and you give your kids a play date and you some much needed time with friends.

7.  What is your one splurge that you just can’t give up?

Coffee with my friends. We don’t sit, but we take that coffee and walk around town. It is delicious, and a morning with a friend is just golden.

8.  How do you keep track of your budget? (excel spreadsheet? smartphone app?  set aside cash for the month? notebook? none of the above?)

My monthly spending money for eating out with the kids, coffee and misc spending are done in cash with a set amount each month. This really helps me monitor what we spend.

9.  What are your top 3 best “Healthy Living on the Cheap” tips?

1. start running

2. eat at home

3. use cash for daily extras

10.  Just for fun – What is the best deal you’ve ever gotten?!

This question was easy. When I got married we registered at Macy’s. I went back to exchange a coffee maker, and Macy’s gave us crazy discounts. We got a new Macy’s card holder percentage off, a couple additional discounts and I think the item was on sale. Needless to say we walked out feeling like we got it for free. It was years ago, but I still consider that the best deal and I’m sure my hubby would agree.


Thanks again to Heather for all of her tips!  Here are some of the ways you can connect with her:

Blog:  RunStylish
Twitter:  @RunStylish

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